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Cargo Net **Ships Free**

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Product Name Price Qty
40" x 140" Cargo Net
Price: $515.00
40" x 176" Cargo Net
Price: $525.00
70" x 140" Cargo Net
Price: $550.00
70" x 176" Cargo Net
Price: $640.00

Cargo Net **Free Shipping**

- White Poly Dacron
- 9" grids
- 3/4" thickness
- Weight: 30-35 lbs.

- 40" x 140" Cargo Net fits 4' x 12' sections on a rig
- 70" x 140" Cargo Net fits 6' x 12' sections on a rig
- 40" x 176" Cargo Net fits 4' x 15' sections on a rig
- 70" x 176" Cargo Net fits 6' x 15' sections on a rig

Product Safety Disclaimer: It is the user’s responsibility to use cargo nets in a safe manner. Note that improper use of the cargo nets may be dangerous. Please read safety precautions and information on use of cargo nets below:

1. Carefully inspect cargo net for wear and tears prior to use and inspect attachment point to be smooth, safe, and intact.
2. Check that you are using the correct cargo net size in each application
3. Make sure to not overload cargo net
4. Do not shock load cargo net whenever possible
5. Do not use cargo net in applications beyond the heat rating of the cargo net
6. Avoid areas around the liner length of a loaded cargo net
7. Do not expose the cargo net to chemicals to maintain the cargo net
8. Get RXd recommends that cargo nets only be used and stored indoors
9. Get RXd recommends use of safety devices to prevent injury. It is the user’s responsibility to make sure that such safety devices, such as landing mats or safety harnesses, are in place to prevent injury.

The load capacity of a cargo net can vary materially depending on its overall condition, based on many factors including, but not limited to, maintenance by the user, amount of usage, and exposure to the elements. As such, and given the potential risks to life and property involved, Get RXd cannot realistically make a specific recommendation to the maximum amount of load for each cargo net.

Cargo net must be anchored to a smooth, round surface. The attachment point should be carefully inspected prior to each climb and use. The user should inspect the cargo net for any frays or tears in the cargo net prior to use. Get RXd recommends proper maintenance of cargo nets and storage in clean, cool, and dry environment to maximize the life of cargo nets.

It is entirely the user’s responsibility to use the cargo net in a safe manner and completely understand the proper operation of the cargo net . Any additional safety training or skill training necessary to operate the cargo net in a safe manner is the sole responsibility of the user of the cargo net. Failure to be aware of all factors, including environmental and otherwise, may lead to severe personal injury and/or death as well as property and/or other damages. The user of the cargo net assumes any and all such risks.

For more information on shipping, please see our Customer Service page.

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