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"Seeing our community gain strength, confidence and grow as individuals. It doesn’t get much better. Keep it up everyone. We can’t wait to see what you accomplish throughout the remainder of 2022!"

"Nothing like grinding it out in the gym with your honey :) . Seriously, it’s a little mix of cheering each other on but also a little loving competition! I love sharing this lifestyle with you @johnny_utah_12 !!!"

"Patience.⁠ You don't need to speed up the process.⁠ You just need to commit to it.⁠ Love the process.⁠ Embrace the practice.⁠ Do the reps.⁠ Ready to get started?⁠ Swing on in...we're ready to help."

"After working on it for 2 days after work and 15 trips back and forth to the store or @colin_mull320 house for tools, @amypetrus212 and I finally got this 15’ monster finished"