Spartan DEKA


Spartan DEKA provides training and testing with purpose and exciting opportunities for their affiliate clubs/gyms/studios to celebrate fitness with their members. Affiliate owners rave about the member retention and lead generation benefits. The DEKA testing/events consist of 10 DEKA Zones, providing a well rounded functional test for all levels of fitness. Every zone is based on rudimentary movements that don’t require any specific training or education to complete. Think thousands of years ago when it wasn’t called exercise, fitness, or training. It was survival. Lifting, carrying, pushing, pulling, kneeling, jumping/stepping/climbing over something, getting down on the ground and standing back up, and three basic forms of transportation – row, ski, & cycle. Below is info on the 10 zones.

"At Spartan, our mission is to positively impact 100 million lives through fitness.
DEKA is our answer to provide fitness for ALL levels."

DEKA is suitable for athletes of all fitness levels and from all walks of life. Hundreds of gyms affiliate with DEKA to provide training and testing with purpose for all levels of fitness. Through these events, DEKA has built a strong community of individuals brought together by their passion for health and fitness.

As of January 2023, Get RX'd offers Spartan Deka-approved equipment for 7 of the 10 DEKA Zones. Zone 1 (Spartan RAM), Zone 5 (500m Ski), and Zone 10 (Spartan RAM) are the only zones we aren’t able to accommodate at this time. We hope to have our Ski Trainer approved and Spartan RAM’s added to our inventory by the end of the 1st quarter 2023.

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The DEKA Arena

ZONE 1 RAM Alt Reverse Lunge

Male 55LB/25KG | Female 33LB/15KG
SPARTAN RAMroller (Spartan Deka-Approved Equipment)

ZONE 2 500M Row

There are no gender specific rowers. All Rowers are the same.
Xebex Air Rower 2.0 (Spartan Deka-Approved Equipment)

ZONE 3 24" Box Jump / Step Overs

There are no gender specific boxes. All boxes are 24 inches high.
Xebex 3-in-1 Wood/Foam Plyo Boxes (Spartan Deka-Approved Equipment)

ZONE 4 Med Ball Sit Up

Male 20lbs | Female 14lbs
Premium Wall Balls (Spartan Deka-Approved Equipment)

ZONE 5 500M Ski Erg

There are no gender specific Ski Ergs. All Ski Ergs are the same.
Xebex Fitness Ski Trainer - COMING SOON

ZONE 6 100M Farmer's Carry

Male 60lbs each hand | Female 40lbs each hand
Rubber Hex Dumbbells (Spartan Deka-Approved Equipment)

ZONE 7 25 kcal Air Bike

There are no gender specific Air Bikes. All Air Bikes are the same.
Xebex Air Bike (Spartan Deka-Approved Equipment)

ZONE 8 Dead/Slam Ball Shoulder Over

Male 60lbs | Female 40lbs
Slam Balls (Spartan Deka-Approved Equipment)

ZONE 9 100M Sled Push/Pull

Male Level 8 resistance | Female Level 6 resistance
Xebex XT3 Plus Sled (Spartan Deka-Approved Equipment)

ZONE 10 RAM Burpees

Male 44lbs/20kgs | Female 22lbs/10kgs
SPARTAN RAMroller (Spartan Deka-Approved Equipment)


Get RX’d has just about all the equipment to support Spartan DEKA affiliates gyms, clubs, and studios. Browse our recommended DEKA Arena equipment below!


Spartan Deka-Approved: SPARTAN RAMroller

Xebex Rower 2.0

Spartan Deka-Approved: Xebex Rower 2.0

Xebex Wood/Foam Plyo Box

Spartan Deka-Approved: 3-in-1 Wood/Foam Plyo Boxes

Premium Wall Balls

Spartan Deka-Approved: Premium Wall Balls

Xebex Ski Trainer - COMING SOON

Xebex Ski Trainer - COMING SOON

Rubber Hex Dumbbells

Spartan Deka-Approved: Rubber Hex Dumbbells

Xebex Air Bike

Spartan Deka-Approved: Xebex Air Bike

Slam Balls

Spartan Deka-Approved: Slam Balls

Xebex XT3 Plus Sled

Spartan Deka-Approved: Xebex XT3 Plus Sled


Spartan Deka-Approved: SPARTAN RAMroller