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Men's WOD Bar 5.0

Starting at: $160.00

WOD Bars 5.0

Men's Rocket Bars: Hard Chrome

Starting at: $205.00

Rocket Bars

Men's Stealth Bar: Hard Chrome

Starting at: $250.00

Stealth Bars

15lb Aluminum Training Bar

Starting at: $110.00

15LB Training Bar

5KG Technique Bar
Price: $100.00

5KG Technique Bar

Get RXd EZ Curl Bar
Price: $65.00

EZ Curl Bar

*Bumper plates not included
Price: $155.00

Hex Bar 72"

Multi-Grip Bar 3.0
Price: $165.00

Multi-Grip Bar 3.0

70" Shorty Bar features hard chrome sleeve and handle

Special Price: $131.75

Regular Price: $155.00

72" Shorty Bar

The Full Line Up of 2.5 KG Mini Lifter Bars

Starting at: $80.00

2.5 KG Mini Lifter Bars

Axle Bar
Price: $95.00

Axle Bar

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