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SKU Product Name
BPSTAKWR Mobile Plate Stacker
CB-2xWBTOC Double Wall Ball Target - Attaching to Cross Bar
CB-2xWBTOC Double Wall Ball Target - Attaching to Upright
CHALK-BOWL2 Chalk Stand 2.0
CFSF-XX Builder® Storage System Shelves
DBJ-01 Deadlift Bar Jack
DBRK Dumbbell Rack
FIDAB-101 FIDAB-100 Flat/Incline Bench
FIDAB-2 FIDAB-2 Adjustable Bench
FIDB-300 FIDB-300 Flat/Incline/Decline Bench
FT-PL-2000 Functional Trainer Plate-Loaded
FT-SC-2000 Functional Trainer Single Column Weight Stack 2000
HL-PL-1000 High-Low Plate Loaded Cable Attachment
HL-SC-1000 High-Low Cable Attachment w/ 200LB Weight Stack
KBRK Kettlebell Rack
LAT-PULLEY Lat Pulley System
PPC Pro Power Cage
PPC4.2 4-Post Builder® Power Cage
PPCHD2 Goliath Power Cage
PPC6.2 6-Post Builder® Power Rack
RACKFOLD Wall-Mount Folding Builder® Rack
RACKSLIM Builder® Slim Rack 2.0
SLDP 120LB Power Sled
SPRK-710R2 / SPRK-900R2 Guillotine (2.5" x 2.5")
SPRK-ADDON Guillotine Half-Rack Conversion Kit
SPRK710HDT / SPRK900HDT Builder® Guillotine (3" x 3")
SPRK-ADDHDT Builder® Guillotine Half-Rack Conversion Kit
SQRK Squat Rack 2-Piece
SQRK1R One-Piece Squat Rack 2.0
SQRKHD Heavy Duty Squat Rack
TIMER02 Timer 2.0
TIMER-MN1 Timer Mini
VPT2 Vertical Plate Tree

Xebex Fitness

SKU Product Name
AB-1 Xebex Air Bike | Console
ABMG-3 Xebex AirPlus Performance Bike | Console
ABVR-2L Xebex AirPlus Expert Bike | Console
APSKI-200-HBA Xebex AirPlus Ski Trainer Smart Connect (Freestanding or Wall-Mounted)
AR-2 Xebex Rower 2.0 | Console
AR-3GL Xebex Rower 3.0 | Console
ARRV-4-BA Xebex Rower 4.0 Smart Connect | Console
ASK-2 w/ Wall-Mount Xebex Ski Trainer w/ Wall-Mount
ASK-2 w/ Floor Stand Xebex Ski Trainer w/ Floor Stand
CBR-01 Xebex Vertical Climber
CBR-02 Xebex Vertical Climber 2.0
SLD-XT3 Xebex XT3 Sled

Customizable Builder® Series Racks / Pull-Up Rigs

SKU Product Name
Builder® Series Rigs Rig Assembly Guidelines
CF-LEAN4 4' Lean Builder® Rig
CF-LEAN14 14' Lean Builder® Rig
GCF-OUT-BUNDLE Galvanized Outdoor Builder® Rig
2POST4WIDTH-FT-BUNDLE Builder® Half Rack - 4' Width
2POST6WIDTH-FT-BUNDLE Builder® Half Rack - 6' Width
4POST2-BUNDLE 4-Post Builder® Power Rack (2' Depth)
4POST4-BUNDLE 4-Post Builder® Power Rack (4' Depth)
6POST42-BUNDLE 6-Post Builder® Power Rack (4’ + 2’ Depth)
JB-RACK2DEPTH-BUNDLE242 Jumbo Rack - 2' Depth / 8’ Width
JB-RACK2DEPTH-BUNDLE444 Jumbo Rack - 2' Depth / 12’ Width
JB-RACK4DEPTH-BUNDLE444 Jumbo Rack - 4' Depth / 12’ Width