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There’s no such thing as free shipping...
  • There’s always a cost associated with shipping - shipping heavy items is expensive.
  • Companies that offer “free” shipping usually build the average shipping cost into the product price. This is a retail trick to make customers think they’re getting a better deal.
When you buy more than one item, “free shipping” is almost always more expensive than paying for shipping.

Get RXd vs. Competitor wall ball shipping

How to get the most bang out of your buck in shipping cost:
  • Place a single order of all the items you need instead of placing multiple orders. This way, you’ll only pay for shipping once, saving you some money in the long run!
  • Adding more items to an already heavy shipment will mostly likely not affect the shipping cost (see below). It isn’t until you add a few hundred pounds more to your order that shipping will increase.
  • Ship your order to a commercial/business location.