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Sculptor Bands

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Product Name Price Qty
Sculptor Band: Very Light (Purple)
Price: $14.95
Sculptor Band: Light (Yellow)
Price: $15.95
Sculptor Band: Medium (Red)
Price: $16.95
Sculptor Band: Heavy (Blue)
Price: $17.95
Sculptor Band: Very Heavy (Green)
Price: $18.95

Versatile. Portable. Unbelievable. The beauty of the revolutionary Sculptor Bands is that it provides a complete workout for anyone, at any age, any place, for any amount of time and it comes at a fraction of the price of any competitor. Designed with the needs of future, present, former, and mending athletes in mind, the Sculptor Bands let you train at maximum or minimum intensity, depending on your goals. Lightweight, easy to use and portable, our power band suspension trainer utilizes the body's own weight as resistance, meaning no more bulky weights, racks, or gyms. The Sculptor Bands givesyou access to a full-body workout whenever and wherever you need it home, during a work break, at the park, or on vacation.

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