Black Premium Bumper Plates 2.0 [piece]

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Premium 2.0 - 10LB [piece] (BPR-10)
Premium 2.0 - 15LB [piece] (BPR-15)
Premium 2.0 - 25LB [piece] (BPR-25G)
Premium 2.0 - 35LB [piece] (BPR-35G)
Premium 2.0 - 45LB [piece] (BPR-45G)
Premium 2.0 - 55LB [piece] (BPR-55)
Note: Pricing is per piece. Order in increments of two for the pair.

Get RX'd Premium Bumper Plates are the most durable weight plates in the industry. We used the experience we've gained since 2010 manufacturing high-quality bumper plates to develop our original rubber plates into the Premium Bumper Plates 2.0 that are used today in thousands of gyms across the country.

These rubber bumper plates feature high-quality hard virgin rubber content and an improved zinc-plated steel insert that ensures a snug fit for standard Olympic barbells. The zinc-plated steel inserts are hooked and heated separately from the rubber to achieve the same temperature as the rubber prior to being bonded with the rubber. This improves the insert and rubber hold to one another to maximize durability. The 55LB plates are thinner than typical plates on the market, matching the same width as the 45LB plates; this thinner profile allows lifters to load more weight onto the bar. The 10LB and 15LB plates are slightly less in diameter when compared to 25-55LB plates so they don't touch the ground first when loaded with heavier sizes. The 10s and 15s are also thicker than previous iterations of our bumper plates, and feature a shore durometer rating of 92+ to help withstand the high impact that comes with WODs and high-intensity exercises. The extremely low, dead bounce protects your plates and bar from damage.

Each bumper plate features a raised Get RX'd logo and the weight on both sides of the plate for quick identification.

Note: Pricing is per piece. Order in increments of two for the pair.

INSERT MATERIAL Steel with zinc coat
PLATE DIAMETER 17.7", 17.64" (10LB/15LB)
15LB WIDTH 1.42"
25LB WIDTH 1.81"
35LB WIDTH 2.36"
45LB WIDTH 3.19"
55LB WIDTH 3.19"
DUROMETER 78 and 92 (10LB/15LB)
10LB/15LB WARRANTY 90 Days
25LB/35LB/45LB/55LB WARRANTY 3 Years
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