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Xebex Rower Console 2.0 (For AR-1)

Price: $95.00

Available In Stock

Xebex Rower Console Updates for AR-1
To be used on existing AR-1 models

The Xebex Rower comes with an easy-to-use console display that gets straight to the point. Select your workout from the main menu, press Start, and begin rowing!

- Tracking at all times: Time Rowed, Meters, Strokes per Minute, Calories, Watts, 500m pace per stroke, total strokes, heart rate (when connected to a heart rate monitor)
- 9 Displays in large middle window: Total Time, 500m Pace average of workout, Average Meter per stroke, Max Heart Rate, Calories per Hour, Force Curve, Max Watt, Watt Chart per stroke, Average Watt
- Pre-Built Programs: Quick Start, Competition Racing, Interval/Tabata, Target Time, Target Distance, Target Calories, Target Strokes, Target Heart Rate, and more!

Toggle between 9 performance measurements to display in large text/graphics of the middle window: average 500m pace, average meters per stroke, max heart rate, calories per hour, force curve, max watt, watt chart, average watt, and total time.

The screen also displays at all times: time rowed, meters, strokes per minute, calories, watts, projected 500m completion time based on each stroke, total strokes, and heart rate (when connected to a heart rate monitor) during the workout.

Note: The Xebex Rower measures Calories, Distance, and Watts using a formula unique to Xebex Rowers and will differ from other brands. The console will measure slightly differently to the console that comes prepackaged with Xebex Rowers purchased after September 14, 2017 (AR-2).

Heart Rate reader works with any 5k Frequency chest belt.

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