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Wall-Mount Folding Rack

Price: $375.00

Available In Stock

Our Wall-Mount Folding Rack features a quick pin/hinge system that allows you to use pull-up bar and squat/bench rack for your daily workout and then fold back against the wall when you're done!
Wall-Mount Folding Rack. Compatible with most Titan Rig Accessories.

Our Wall-Mount Folding Rack features a quick pin/hinge system that allows you to expand the rack for your daily workout and collapse it when you're done. No more lingering squat racks to take up your floor space. When expanded, the rack extends 25” from the wall which provides enough space for strict or kipping movements. The 11-gauge 3" x 3" uprights derive from our signature Titan Rig, making this rack compatible with most Titan Rig accessories, such as the dip horn, plate sleeves, spotter arms, etc. A 7-gauge pull up bar and two Titan J-Cups complete this space-saving rack.

- 3” x 3" 11-Gauge Tubing with UMHW Plastic on feet
- Holes on all 4 sides
- Fully Retractable Wall-Mount Rack and Pull-Up Bar
- 25" Depth, 92" Height
- Compatible with most Titan Rig Attachments

- 2x Titan Rig J-Cups
- 2x Folding Rack 3" x 3" Uprights with UMHW Plastic on feet
- 1x Adjustable Pull-Up Bar
- 4x Mounting Brackets
- 4x CrossBars that attach upright to Mounting Brackets
- 6x Quick Pins
- Mounting hardware not included.

Compatible with these Titan Rig Attachments:
- Dip horns
- Spotter arms
- Kids pullup bar
- Wall ball target
- Plate sleeves
- Step-up platform
- Pegs bars

NOTE: Get RXd does not recommend installing the folding rack into any environment without additional support from studs, lag screws or stingers. Always be sure to check rack for stability before additional use.

Want to skip having to fold and unfold this rack and still save space in the garage?
Take a look at these other space saving options:
- Titan Slim Rack
- 4' Titan Rig Lean

Customer Reviews

Excellent product Review by Blake
I purchased this wall mount folding rack a few months ago for Black Friday and I must say it was a great purchase. First of all, its beefy and sturdy just from the looks of it. And when you use it for squats and rack the weight, it is solid and holds very well. The Padded J Cups are a great addition so you don't scratch your bar. This was one of my first garage gym purchases and I am very glad I went with RXD. It is a great price and I plan on purchasing the add ons they provide in the future! One thing to note is that it was a bit challenging to put together. If you are going to use floor mats, make sure you account for the pad height when mounting the rack. (Posted on 1/15/2016)
Amazing Review by Shane K.
I love it!!!!! Assembled easy and is super strong. The price and quality is way better then that "other" place that sells crossfit equipment. I highly suggest you buy this if your looking for a folding wall mount..... (Posted on 11/27/2015)

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