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Titan Gunner Attachment

Price: $320.00

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The Titan Gunner Attachment takes your existing Titan rig or Titan rack to the next level by making bilateral and unilateral exercises possible. Much like a bar holder, the attachment's arms insert into the rack at any height. The handles are secured by a 1" lock pin and are also adjustable along any height or four sides of the arms to accommodate different movements, such as bent-over rows and overhead presses. Each handle features a loadable length of 12" that fits all the weight you need to perform heavy and controlled exercises as well as lighter and explosive movements. Different grips are possible with the handles to effectively train specific target areas. Add bands to increase the resistance and maximize your training.

Get more out of the Gunner Attachment when you add a Titan Gunner Press Plate attachment! The press plate makes it possible to perform even more exercises like leg presses.

- Compatible with Get RXd Titan rigs and Titan racks only
- Material: 3"x3", 11-gauge tubing (the same steel used to make our durable Titan rigs)
- Attaches through a welded insert (similar to j-cups/bar holders) and secures with a pin
- Features a 4-way hole system to make various adjustments
- Handles feature multiple grips to train a variety of movements
- Handles secure with a 1" lock pin

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