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Steel Maces 2.0

Available In Stock

Product Name Price Qty
7-lb. Steel Mace
Price: $25.00
10-lb. Steel Mace
Price: $35.00
15-lb. Steel Mace
Price: $50.00
20-lb. Steel Mace
Price: $65.00
25-lb. Steel Mace
Price: $80.00
30-lb. Steel Mace
Price: $90.00
35-lb. Steel Mace
Price: $100.00
45-lb. Steel Mace
Price: $120.00

Out of stock

In a world where loads are hardly ever balanced, why would you just settle for a barbell for your strength and conditioning needs? The steel mace is one of the earliest pieces of training tools, used by early Eastern warriors for combat and strength training. With the majority of the mace's weight in the head, swinging the mace challenges your stabilizers surrounding your shoulder joint, while building a strong core. Training was never meant to be conventional, and using one of these ancient tools of war will help build you into the functional athlete you work to be.

The design has been upgraded to include knurling on the handles for a firmer grip and a flat surface on the head to store the maces upright. The head also features an engraved Get RXd logo and the mace's weight for easy identification.

Available in:
- 7 lbs.
- 10 lbs.
- 15 lbs.
- 20 lbs.
- 25 lbs.
- 30 lbs.
- 35 lbs.
- 45 lbs.

- Solid, coated steel
- Length: 40" - 43"
- Handle Diameter: 7/8" - 1.25"

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