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WOD Bar 5.0 (Men): Hard Chrome

Price: $180.00

Available In Stock

These 20KG Olympic Barbell features:
- Hard Chrome Coating
- 190K PSI Tensile Strength
- Great Spin
- 28mm Olympic Handles
- Banded collar options for easy identification
- Lifetime Construction Warranty
- 1 Year Bending Warranty

Spin and Coating
- 2 Over-Sized Needle Bearings
- 2 Over-Sized Oil-Impregnated Bushings
- Hard Chrome on sleeves
- Most scratch-resistant finish
- Less Maintenance

Handle, Knurl, and Whip
- 28mm Handle: Men's Olympic Standard
- Consistent, Well crafted knurl that extends to collar
- Dual Knurling marks: for Olympic lifters or Powerlifters

Men's Competition Standard:
- 28 mm (olympic standard)
- 190K PSI Tensile Strength
- 20KG or 44LB. +/- 1%
- Hard Chrome Coating
- Dual Snap-Ring Design Construction
- 2 Over-Sized Needle Bearings
- 2 Over-Sized Oil-Impregnated Bushings.

About Hard Chrome Coating
Hard chrome is the most rust and scratch resistant coating compared to zinc and black oxide.

About Zinc Coating
Zinc coating offers medium-high rust and scratch resistance and will most likely turn patina/gray over time. Although this affects aesthetics, this does not affect the barbell's performance and function, .

Black Oxide Coating
Black oxide has a great, almost bare-steel feel that lets you feel the knurl on the barbell. Black oxide is least resistant to rusting than hard chrome and black zinc, which may require more maintenance.

"The knurling of this barbell is very well crafted. The knurl is consistent throughout the entirety of the barbell - something that we look for in high quality bars. The knurling stops just at the collar, so those who grip the bar at its widest, for the snatch, will still have plenty of knurling to hold. The knurling is not too sharp that it cuts up your hands, but it is still aggressive enough to make for a nice contact between hand and barbell. There is no center knurling on the bar so it will serve those who do high volume workouts as well"
- Review on Knurling, Oscillation (WHIP), and Spin provided by The Thirteenth Strength Community

Customer Reviews

Perfect Bar And Perfect Service Review by Michael
I had shopped around for a long time before making a decision and I'm very satisfied with my purchase. My purchase price was 180, sadly they had them priced at 117 during black Friday so I kind of missed out there but oh well.

The knurling is perfect, it's hard to describe knurling in a review since it can all be an opinion but the bar has enough to stay in place on your hands but not too much to tear them up.

This bar is all hard chrome which is very hard to find for this price and the spin and whip is excellent. I will absolutely buy more of these and like someone said before if this is their entry level bar then their higher level bars must be very pristine bc I can't imagine it getting much better than this.

They could easily raise the price on these and they would still be worth the money but I hope they don't because I will buy more later. They could dominate the market with these prices.

We've already decided to outfit our gym with these from this point forward, I mean why not? They are priced to sell and they meet all the needs and wants of a great bar. (Posted on 12/7/2015)

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