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Ninja Warrior Elite 30' Titan Rig

Special Price: $5,990.16

Regular Price: $6,807.00

Available In Stock

12% Savings when you order this Ninja Warrior Elite 30' Titan Custom Pull-Up Rig. Designed for a 30' long ninja warrior and obstacle race training course inside your functional Pull-Up Rig. Additional 10% discount on any additional items added to your shopping cart with purchase of Ninja Warrior Elite 30' Titan Rig
Automatic 10% discount on all other Get RXd items when a rig is ordered!

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Included with purchase:
30' long x 6' wide x 12' high Rig (all dimensions are customizable by e-mailing Sales@GetRXd.com)
6 pairs of j-cups
1 cargo net
10 light bulb attachments on crossbars
3 light bulb attachments on carabiners
2 pipe bomb attachments on carabiners
30' of incline, decline, flat, and offset monkey bars
6' of parallel bar
This 30' x 6' Rig includes:
19-22 Pull Up Positions
6 Pairs of J-Cups for rack stations

Oh, and the perfect obstacle course to push your limits in strength, conditioning, grip, climbing, and functional ability:
1st: You start by scaling a 12' high cargo net (which can be stretched to 15').
2nd: You're moving horizontally across 4 individual light bulb grips to get your grip strength going
3rd: You're 12' above the ground and shimmying horizontally across an adjustable pull up bar
4th: You're moving down a 6' ramp with 6 light bulb grips to push your grip strength even further
5th: Comes a staple in obstacle courses, the monkey bars: You'll be hanging on for dear life while you move across 4' of alternating height monkey bars, next across 1 single monkey bar perpendicularly, then up a 4' ramp of alternating height monkey bars which takes you up to 12', and finally down 3' of monkey bars that take you to the final 6' of the course
Finally: You're at the last 6' of the course and you're greeted with just 2 pipe bomb and 3 light bulb hanging grip attachments to finish the course!

1) Heavy Duty 3" x 3" Uprights with 11 Gauge and 7 Gauge Steel for entire Titan Rig
2) Uprights come with height markings and holes on all 4 sides for complete adjustability around upright
3) J-Cups included with purchase.
4) All bolts, nuts, and concrete anchors for the ground are provided
5) Pull-up bars, square crossbars, and monkey bars adjustable in height from 6'2" up to 9' or 12'. They are all independent of one another.

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