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Lifetime Warranty on all Men's 20KG and Women's 15KG Needle-Bearing Olympic Barbells

Rocket Bars

Available In Stock

Product Name Price Qty
Rocket Bar (Men): Black Zinc
Price: $220.00
Rocket Bar (Men): Hard Chrome
Price: $225.00
Rocket Bar (Women): Hard Chrome
Price: $205.00

These 15KG and 20KG Olympic Barbell features:
- Great Spin
- Lifetime Warranty
- Hard Chrome Sleeves: Most Scratch Resistant Coating
- 216K PSI Tensile Strength
- Blue band on Men's collars for easy identification

Spin and Coating
- 2 Over-Sized Needle Bearings
- 2 Over-Sized Oil-Impregnated Bushings
- Great Spin
- Hard Chrome Sleeves
- Black Zinc for Rust Resistance, Hard Chrome for Scratch Resistance
- Less Maintenance

Handle, Knurl, and Whip
- 28mm Handle: Men's Olympic Standard
- 25mm Handle: Women's Olympic Standard
- Consistent, Well crafted knurl that extends to collar
- Dual Knurling marks: for Olympic lifters or Power-lifters

Men's Competition Standard:
- 28 mm (olympic standard)
- 20KG or 44LB. +/- 1%
- 216K PSI Tensile Strength
- Hard Chrome/Black Zinc Coating
- Dual Snap-Ring Design Construction
- 2 Over-Sized Needle Bearings
- 2 Over-Sized Oil-Impregnated Bushings.

Women's Competition Standards:
- 25 mm (olympic standard)
- 15KG or 33LB. +/- 1%
- 216K PSI Tensile Strength
- Hard Chrome Coating
- Dual Snap-Ring Design Construction
- 2 Over-Sized Needle Bearings
- 2 Over-Sized Oil-Impregnated Bushings.

About Zinc Coating
Zinc coated bars will most likely get a patina over time, however this does not affect the barbell's performance and function.

The Rocket Bar is made of 216,000 PSI Tensile Strength Steel and features a lifetime warranty on construction and bending. 2 Oil-Impregnated Bushings and 2 Oversized-Needle Bearings gives the Rocket Bar superior spin when compared to other barbells in its price range. Its 28mm handle equates to easy maneuvering for your olympic lifts and the 216,000 PSI Steel makes it strong enough to handle any of your power lifts. The Men's Rocket Bars can be identified by the blue wrist band on the collar and comes in Black Zinc or Hard Chrome Handles. All Rocket Bars come with our most rust resistant, hard-chrome coating on the sleeves. The Bar has a nice balance between a weightlifting bar (fair amount of whip) and a powerlifting bar (more rigid barbell) which makes it comfortable for most lifters across multiple disciplines of strength and conditioning.

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Customer Reviews

Good Bar Overall Review by JC
Overall I'd say this is a good bar. The price is comparable and slightly lower after shipping with other entry level bars of this quality.

Really solid and clean finish (hard chrome)
Strong with just enough oscillation (mainly olifts for me)
Uniform Knurl throughout entire bar

Bands tore right out of package (trivial)
Not a great spin for this hybrid combo (less than my rogue bar 1.0)
Very passive knurl (IMO)

I'm happy with my purchase and would make it again if there was a better distinction between the bars Getrx'd offers. This seems like a good bar better suited to crossfit and if that's the case you may be just as well to get the wod 5.0 bar. Perhaps this new web design offers that clarification but the previous one pretty much had the same description for every bar they make. No big qualms as a whole with a good bar, a good price, and fast shipping. (Posted on 4/26/2015)

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