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Galvanized Titan Rig

What is gavanization and how is it beneficial for my pull-up rig?

The Get RXd Titan Rig now comes in a galvanized version designed to withstand the elements. Hot-dip galvanization means your rig is protected from corrosion from the inside out, making this the best rig for outdoor use.

Check out the 4' x 6' rig we designed for competitive athlete Jenn Jones! As a Texas resident, she's no stranger to the heat and humidity so it's especially important for her equipment to be able to last through long Texas summers. Shop a comparable 4' x 6' Galvanized Titan Rig here!

Will the entire rig be galvanized?

The key pieces that make up a Titan rig come in a galvanized version. These pieces are: 9’ and 12‘ upright tubes, 4’ and 6‘ cross bars, 4’ and 6‘ monkey bars. Some accessories are also available in galvanized, including salmon ladder cups and A-hangers. Ask us about other galvanized accessories!

Can I customize the color of a galvanized rig?

At the moment the Galvanized Titan Rig only comes in the standard galvanized (”silver”) color.

I want a galvanized rig for my gym! What’s the pricing like?

We're working on adding the Galvanized Rig to our website - in the meantime, please email or call us!

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