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Plyo Boxes

Plyo Boxes
  1. 3-in-1 Wood PlyoBoxes

    3-in-1 Wood PlyoBoxes

    Starting at: $80.00

    American made 3-in-1 Wood Plyo Boxes The RX sizes: 20" and 24" are built into all boxes making these the perfect plyo box for athletes of all skill levels. The boxes are glued and screwed together with an internal structure making them extremely strong and stable. All edges are rounded and sanded for safety. Also feature circular handles on opposite sides. Assembled boxes will be ready to go immediately upon arrival. Assembled boxes CANNOT be shipped by FedEX Ground, they can only be shipped by freight truck. To ship by freight truck, order at least 150 pounds worth of equipment. Not planning on ordering that much equipment? Then, select our "Ship Flat" boxes which come unassembled. Assembly will be required but you'll save on shipping by ordering these. Ship Flat boxes will come with: - 1 bag of screws - 7 pieces of wood Glue is not provided, but is recommended for added strength and longevity of your new plyo box. During assembly, apply glue at each vertex. Instructions can be downloaded below. These are designed to be jumped on. These are NOT designed to be used as a weight lifting platform/crash box/weight stand and is not designed to have loaded barbells or dumbbells dropped on top of it. Since they are wood, please do not leave them outside or use them while its raining. Click here for Assembly Instructions! Learn More
  2. 3-In-1 Soft Plyo Box: 20, 24, 30

    3-in-1 Soft Foam Plyo Boxes

    Starting at: $185.00

    The 3-in-1 Foam Soft Plyo Boxes combine safety and convenience with easy to read height measurements and firm foam material. Each side is color-coded according to the three heights for each box. Athletes can perform box jumps without fear of scraping their shins and still have the security that the box will stay in place. 3-in-1 Foam Soft Plyo Box: 20, 24, 30 51x61x75 cm Weight: 77 lbs. 3-in-1 Foam Soft Plyo Box: 16, 20, 24 41x51x61 cm Weight: 40 lbs. Related Item: Stackable Foam Plyoboxes Learn More
  3. Foam Plyoboxes

    Foam Plyoboxes

    Starting at: $110.00

    - Over-Sized, Extra Stable Footprint: 36" x 30" - Ever missed the jump on a wood or steel plyobox? Safely and confidently push your limits with these high-density foam boxes covered in heavy-gauge vinyl for unsurpassed effectiveness in plyometric training - Super High-Density Foam comes back to original shape/form and will not crush with higher weights - Mix and match box heights by attaching together with large velcro strips. The full set gives you 60" of height. - Each box has an over-sized, extra stable 30" x 36" base, with varying heights from 6", 12", 18", and 24" - Vinyl covers have built-in handles for easy transportation Also take a look at our 3-in-1 foam plyobox options Learn More
  4. Escape Fitness Deck 2.0

    Escape Fitness Deck 2.0

    Price: $200.00
    The original Deck established itself as the perfect all-in-one tool for step, circuits, BODYPUMP™ and bootcamps. Now the Deck 2.0 adds even more versatility for cardio and strength workouts with 16 possible configurations, making this the perfect tool for today's studios. Stepping is now more varied, fun and challenging with specific targets to hit. The entire length of the platform is used for even more exercise options. Anatomic hot spots ensure users have their hands and feet in the right place for every repetition. DESIGN The Escape Deck 2.0 features target zones for even more programming options for stepping and BODYPUMP™ sessions. Integrated storage means that users can quickly access handweights or resistance bands for fast-paced group training and as a weight bench you can choose between 30°, 45° and 70° angles. TECH SPECS Anti-slip rubber top surface features intelligent grip to give users total confidence during fast-paced workouts, with more aggressive tread for feet, and softer tread for hands. The adjustable back rest is supported by strong steel tubing for extra strength and user confidence during weight training. DIMENSIONS Size: 8" (flat), 38" (extended) x 12" x 48". Weight: 28.7 lbs. EXPERT TIP Two height options in Step mode – 8" (low step) and 14" (high step) – mean that those more experienced in these types of sessions can use the lower height to work on speed and accuracy, and the higher option to focus on strength and range of movement. The Deck 2.0 can also be set up in Ramp mode, with the inclined surface delivering another type of challenge. Finally, raise the backrest to one of three available angles and get into Bench mode to add exercise with freeweights into the mix. Learn More
  5. Hercules Foam Tire Size Comparison

    Hercules Foam Tire

    Starting at: $699.00

    Like traditional rubber tires, the Hercules Foam Tires can be used in a variety of ways with the added benefit of a compact design, doesn't make a mess, even more training possibilities, and made of foam to prevent injury. Exercises that can be performed include deadlifts, farmers walk, sled push/pull, tire flips, step-ups, box jumps, and so much more! This soft tire is made with dense foam that’s durable enough to take a beating. Multiple handles are stitched along the sides and top of the foam tire which allows for a variety of grips and exercises. With a little creativity, the training possibilities are endless! The Hercules Foam Tire is available in three sizes, each with its own unique color for easy identification: Specs - Green: 40 KG / 88 LB; 34” diameter, 11” thickness - Blue: 60 KG / 132 LB; 40” diameter, 12” thickness - Red: 80 KG / 176 LB; 47” diameter, 14” thickness Learn More

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