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Jump Ropes

Jump Ropes
  1. EZ Speed Rope

    EZ Speed Rope

    Starting at: $10.00

    Adjustable to accommodate for different heights and different length preferences: The 10' cable allows users up to 6' 6" to comfortably use the EZ-Speed Rope. You can adjust the length of the cable by loosening and tightening the screw found on each handle/cable. Shorter handle lengths as compared to the Triple Speed Rope and Warrior Whip. Shorter handles are advantageous for beginners and skill development Do NOT use speed ropes on concrete *Free shipping valid only in 48 states of continental US. Learn More
  2. Apollo Speed Rope

    Apollo Speed Rope

    Price: $20.00
    Apollo Speed Rope Become more efficient at your double unders with the quick and light Apollo Speed Rope. It features a comfortable foam grip over the aluminum handles and two bearings inside each handle for faster turnaround. Adjusting cable length has never been easier thanks to the rope's screw-in adjustments. Specs: - 5.5" Aluminum handles - 7/16" Diameter - 10' Cable - Screw adjustments Learn More
  3. Big Grip Speed Rope

    Big Grip Speed Rope

    Price: $25.00
    Don't let the name fool you: the Big Grip Speed Rope is lightweight and quick in turnover. The cable measures 10' (120") in length and a has a 2.55-mm diameter, perfect for beginners and pros alike. The rubber handle measures 1" in diameter with a 5.25" length and is contoured for comfort. Effortlessly adjust the cable length during WODs or to help beginners find their right length. Handle Specs: - 1" diameter - 5.25" length - Outer material: Rubber - Inner material: Hard Plastic - Contoured Cable Specs: - 2.55-mm. diameter - 10' (120") length - Adjustable length Learn More
  4. Heavy Jump Rope

    Heavy Jump Rope

    Price: $60.00
    If you've mastered double-unders or even triple-unders, the next challenge has arrived with the Get RXd Heavy Jump Rope. Weighing in at 7 pounds, this increase in resistance from conventional jump ropes enables athletes to make strength gains at the wrist and forearms. Take your workout anywhere thanks to the protective jacket and reinforced point of contact at the rope's center. Specs - Length: 10' - Diameter: 1.5" - Weight: 7 lbs. - Protective jacket included Learn More
  5. Adjustable Speed Rope Screw

    Adjustable Speed Rope Screws - 6 pk

    Price: $7.95
    Pack of 6 adjustable screws for Get RXd Apollo Speed Rope and EZ Speed Rope. Learn More

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