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All Product Questions, Order Questions, and Quotes can be directed to sales@getrxd.com.

30 Years in Business: That's Right! The longest history in the industry. Get RXd is a family-owned business that opened its doors in 1985 to design, manufacture, and distribute exercise equipment in traditional gym and club markets. Now, over 30 years later, Get RXd, strength and conditioning, functional training, and High Intensity Interval Training equipment has become the sole focus of the company and is one of the leading suppliers of functional training, strength and conditioning, equipment worldwide with over 2000 products to choose from. Get RXd prides itself on three main things: innovation, quality, and affordability. Take a look through our featured products and you will see these three main elements in each of the products. If you're looking for the perfect training equipment for your garage gym, cross training affiliate or box, or functional training gym - you've come to the right place!

Shipping Tips: In most instances, shipping to a commercial location is less expensive than shipping to a residential location. You will get the most bang for your buck in regards to shipping when your order is heavy enough to ship by freight truck (18 wheelers). In order for your shipment to qualify for freight truck, you need to have about 200lbs or greater to be quoted the minimum. The minimum for freight truck will generally be in the $110 range. Take advantage of the minimum shipping rate by adding more items to your order. You will see that even though you added more weight, your shipping costs stayed the same (or only went up by a little bit). It's always best to order as much as possible at one time. You'll save on shipping costs AND could qualify for one of our volume discounts as well. Click here for more shipping tips.

Installation Options: We offer delivery and installation options for most local gyms! If you're located around Houston, Texas - contact us for installation options!

Get RXd provides BEST value because we are a wholesale company, NOT a reseller. Most fitness equipment companies you see are retailers/resellers.
At Get RXd, since we are the designers and wholesalers of ALL products available, there is only 1 level to the supply chain and NO "retail markup" applied.