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Choose between 1.11" FIG Wood Rings or 1.25" Competition Standard Wood Rings! Items available for purchase in increments of 2!

Wood Rings

Available In Stock

Product Name Price Qty
1.11" Basic FIG Wood Ring (piece)
Price: $20.00
1.25" Wood Ring (piece)
Price: $20.00
Quick Ring Strap
Price: $25.00
Add our QUICK Ring Straps by clicking here

1.11" FIG Wood Rings:
The 1.11" FIG Wood Rings meet the FIG (Federation International Gymnastics) standards
- Ring thickness:1.11" (Gymnastic standard)
- Ring weight: 9.5oz
- Purchase in Increments of 2

1.25" Competition Wood Rings:
The 1.25" Competition Wood Rings meet the Crossfit Competition and Games standards
- Ring thickness: 1.25" (Competition standard)
- Ring weight: 10.5oz
- Outer Diameter: 23.5cm (9.25 inches)
- Purchase in Increments of 2

Quick Ring Straps:
- The dual-carabiner hook system allows for stress free, easy adjustments in 3-inch increments
- Do away with the traditional strap/buckle design so there are no more pesky scratches that notoriously come with every ring dip session
- Cleaner look - no slack.
- Straps measure 102" in length (8.5') when fully extended, adjustable in 3" increments
- Add on 1.11" FIG Wood Rings or 1.25" Wood Rings to complete the set

Add our QUICK Ring Straps by clicking here

Product Safety Disclaimer: It is the user’s responsibility to use gymnastic rings and straps in a safe manner. Note that improper use of the rings or ring straps may be dangerous.

1. Carefully inspect the ring straps for wear and tears prior to use. Check for frays or visible abrasions on the straps.
2. Carefully check all stitching areas for frayed, broken stitching, and discolorations.
3. Carefully review anchoring and set-up instructions for the dual carabiner hook system. Do not fasten the carabiner to the same side strap and do not leave any slack between straps.
4. Carefully inspect that carabiner hook is fully locked and intact
5. Check anchoring points to ensure that it is smooth, safe and intact. Make sure that the surface you are putting the strap over or through is smooth and will not tear the straps over time. Check that the anchoring point is strong enough to support both static and dynamic loads.
6. Do not overload the rings straps
7. Get RXd recommends that the gymnastic rings and straps only be used and stored indoors. Leaving straps in direct sunlight or exposed to outdoor elements can cause dry rot or sun deterioration.
8. Do not expose the ring straps to chemicals in order to maintain the life of the strap
9. Get RXd further recommends that spotting and supervision by a professional coach when using gymnastic rings and straps
10. Do not use gymnastic rings or straps for purposes not intended for. Straps should only be anchored to or through an appropriate anchoring point.
11. Get RXd recommends use of safety devices to prevent injury. It is the user’s responsibility to make sure that such safety devices, such as landing mats or safety harnesses, are in place to prevent injury.

Any exercises involving climbing or activities done at a height above the ground may lead to severe injury and/or death. It is entirely the user’s responsibility to use the gymnastic rings and straps in a safe manner and completely understand the operation of the ring straps. It is the user’s responsibility to obtain proper safety training or skill training to use the rings and ring straps. Failure to be aware of all factors, including environmental and otherwise, may lead to severe personal injury and/or death as well as property and/or other damages. The user of the ring and ring straps assumes any and all such risks.

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