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Obstacle Race Training

Obstacle Race Training
Ninja Warrior Elite 30' x 6' Titan Rig: August's Rig of the Month

Special Price: $6,287.95

Regular Price: $7,327.00

Ninja Warrior Elite 30' Titan Rig **Ships Free**

Titan Jungle Gym **Ships Free**

Special Price: $5,390.00

Regular Price: $6,271.00

Titan Jungle Gym **Ships Free**

The 20' Two-Tower Titan

Special Price: $6,583.75

Regular Price: $7,675.00

The 20' Two-Tower Titan **Ships Free**

20' HT Titan Rig Fully Loaded with Conditioning Accessories, Lifter Station, Obstacle Accessories, Salmon Ladder, Heavy Bag, and Skid Plates

Special Price: $4,958.05

Regular Price: $5,833.00

20' HTX Titan Rig

30' Rope Ladder
Price: $200.00

15' Rope Ladder

Cargo Net **Ships Free**

Starting at: $515.00

Cargo Net **Ships Free**

Peg Board when mounted to wall (please note item does not come with the 2 boards that are mounted to wall)
Price: $185.00

Peg Board

94" Peg Board
Price: $170.00

94" Peg Board

Tomahawk Sandbag

Starting at: $5.00

Tomahawk Sandbag

Goliath Weight Vest (left) and Quick Weight Vest (right) Weight Vests!

Starting at: $70.00

Weight Vest

Light Bulb Grip
Price: $27.00

Light Bulb Grip

Dog Bone Grip
Price: $49.00

Dog Bone Grip

Pipe Bomb Grip
Price: $23.00

Pipe Bomb Grip

Pair of Loading Pins

Starting at: $23.00

Loading Pin

super smooth, holds chalk well, one of the best feeling wood rings available

Starting at: $20.00

Wood Rings

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